Marathon Water Heaters

Only Marathon offers the one thing you're looking for in a water heater: Everything

Marathon Water Heaters

When choosing a water heater the keys to look for are reliability, durability and energy efficiency. In other words, look no further than a Marathon electric water heater from Red River Valley Co-op Power. The cooperative keeps 85 and 105 gallon Marathon water heaters in stock. Please call the co-op for current pricing.

Plus, purchase an 85 or 105 gallon Marathon and put it on load control to receive a monthly credit and up to a $650 rebate.

Please call Member Services at 218-456-2139 for more info. Member must already be on load control or have a ripple receiver in place to receive rebate. See warranty brochure for complete warranty information.

Please visit for additional information regarding the benefits of a Marathon electric water heater.

Long Life

  • The tank is designed, built and warranted not to leak “for as long as you own your home.”
  • The seamless, polybutylene tank is impervious to rust and corrosion!
  • Parts are warranted for 6 years from date of manufacture.
  • Tough molded outer shell resists dents and scratches.

Energy Efficiency

  • Marathon water heaters are incredibly energy efficient.
  • Envirofoam® insulation is a great energy saver and is friendly to the ozone layer.
  • Energy Saving Pipe Wrap Kit reduces heat loss through plumbing lines.


  • All plastic tank eliminates the need for an anode rod — preventing potential odor problems.
  • Bowl shaped bottom allows more complete sediment draining.
  • Factory installed Temperature and Pressure Relief valve for greater value and security.