Farm Safety

Every year, serious accidents involving electricity occur on American farms. Most could be prevented with a few simple safety steps.

Make sure that you, your family and your farm workers know the location of overhead power lines, and map out ways to avoid them when moving equipment. Make sure everyone understands that any contact with these lines creates a path to the ground for electricity and carries the potential for a serious – even fatal – accident. Everyone should know the height of all your farm equipment and how high those power lines are to prevent accidental contact. A good rule of thumb is to stay at least 10 feet away from power lines.
Be extra-careful when moving grain augers. Many electrical accidents on farms occur when augers are raised into power lines. The combination can be deadly!
Avoid moving large equipment alone. Have someone watch out for you as you drive equipment to ensure that you stay clear of the power lines.
These rules also apply to guy wires, which support power poles. Damaging guy wires can weaken the poles and even cause them to topple, bringing live power lines down onto the ground and creating an extremely hazardous situation.