Factors affecting your electric service.

Your cooperative recognizes there are various reasons for reconnecting or disconnecting electric service. A reasonable charge will be assessed to reflect the cost and purpose of the request.


  • Members may request disconnection of service for safety reasons on their premises. There will be no charge for such disconnection if Red River Valley Co-op Power is notified of the request at least one day in advance and the service is disconnect and reconnected the same day during regular working hours.
  • There will be no charge for disconnection of service due to hazardous conditions.
  • Members wishing to retire a service no longer needed may do so with no further charges provided they sign a retirement of electric service agreement. A monthly minimum charge will be charged to all idle services if the member does not sign the agreement.


  • There is no charge for reconnecting an existing service if done during the same working day as the disconnect and when the disconnection was requested to facilitate safe working conditions. The cooperative must be notified of this at least one day in advance.
  • There will be a reconnection charge of $75 plus all amounts due on the account to reconnect a service that was disconnected at the member’s request if the disconnection period exceeds more than one regular working day. The reconnection charge for any service reconnected outside of the regular working hours shall be $150.
  • For safety reasons, reconnection of service will only be done during daylight hours.
  • There is no charge to reconnect a service disconnected for hazardous reasons.
  • If a member is disconnected for non-payment, he/she must pay the collection charge, reconnection fee, amount due on account, plus a security deposit may be assessed, before the service is reconnected.