Off-peak Service

Clean, safe and efficient electric heat.

Neighborhood houses
Off-peak electric heating is one of the most efficient and affordable ways to heat your home. An off-peak heating system consists of an electric heat source as its main component and a backup, automatic heating source that will typically operating between 150 and 300 hours per year during time of peak electrical usage.

In exchange for allowing your electric heat to be controlled during times of peak usage, you receive a low off-peak electric heating rate about 45% less than the regular rate and competitive with the price of fuels such as propane.

A variety of efficient electric heating systems including plenum heaters, floor heat, heat pumps and electric thermal storage systems are compatible with off-peak provide you have a reliable and automatic back-up fossil fuel or thermal storage heating system. The exceptions to needing a back-up system is floor heat that has a heat storage base and a properly sized thermal storage system that releases its own stored heat during control times.
Off-peak Checklist
  • We always recommend obtaining bids from more than one contractor and calculating your payback.
  • Installation of your off-peak system should be done by a qualified heating contractor and/or electrician.
  • The cooperative supplies an off-peak meter and control device that automatically switches your heating system from on-peak to off-peak when needed.
  • The off-peak meter must be located on the outside of the building.
  • The off-peak rate will not be given until the ripple controlling device is installed and the cooperative has been called to check out the system. At that time, the off-peak meter will be installed. There is a monthly $4.00 facility charge for off-peak.
  • Your cooperative offers many incentives for installing qualifying energy-efficient heating systems.
  • Electric water heaters can be hooked up to load control and receive a monthly credit. This load must be in the main service panel as it receives a monthly credit.

Member service staff are always happy to speak or meet with you to discuss your specific off-peak heating needs. If you would like more information please send us an email at or call 218-456-2139.