Capital Credits

A benefit of your cooperative membership.

Chart that explains how Red River Valley Co-op Power's capital credits work

What are capital credits?

Capital credits are your share of operating margins based on your patronage for the year. Red River Valley Co-op Power is not-for-profit. As such, the cooperative only needs a margin to meet lender requirements and to operate. Before being returned to members, margins are reinvested into the cooperative to help finance construction and maintain the distribution system. Directors decide when to retire capital credits based on the cooperative’s financial condition and other factors such as equity. Please call 800-788-7784 if you have questions about capital credits. Remember to provide us with your updated address if you move outside the co-op’s service territory. 

Since its inception, your cooperative has returned $9 million worth of operating margins back to members.
Uncashed Capital Credits List (October 2023)
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